Day 8

Latest update on day 8. The MRI showed more inflammation on the brain. The neurologist says there is a slight improvement because Rory's pupils look better and he is breathing "over" the ventilator. The doctor is cautiously optimistic. They just don't know enough about the brain to tell us what is going to happen from here. Rory will have a trach put in tomorrow to replace the ventilator. This is for more long term and will be better for him. Thursday he will have a more permanent feeding tube that goes directly to his stomach. As soon as they get his blood pressure under control without meds they will send him to a long term acute care facility. Rory is still in a deep coma. However, the doctor thought she felt him move his right hand this morning. We have not been able to repeat that though. Please keep praying for Rory. I truly believe the prayers are working. Thank you so much!